Understanding MOC Requirements - Changes to the ABIM MOC Program

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February 3, 2015: ABIM Announces Immediate Changes to the MOC Program

  • The ABIM has changed the language used to publicly report a diplomate's MOC status on its website. The language changed from “meeting MOC requirements” to “participating in MOC.”
  • ABIM updated the Internal Medicine MOC exam and is now updating selected Specialty Board exams. The Medical Oncology Board exam is included in those selected for update at this time. As with the Internal Medicine Board exam update, the new exam blueprint for Medical Oncology will have more emphasis on the diagnosis and management of prevalent conditions.
  • The ABIM suspended the Practice Assessment, Patient Voice and Patient Safety requirements until December 31, 2018. This means that no internist will have his or her certification status changed for not having completed activities in these areas until end of year, 2018. However, those who have participated in QI activities approved for MOC may still get points from the ABIM.

What is my status?

  • Board certified before 1990 (grandparent)
    Your initial certification is valid indefinitely; however, you do still need to enroll in the ABIM MOC program to be reported as "Participating in MOC". If you choose not to enroll or miss any of the MOC requirements, you will be reported as "Certified, Not Participating in MOC."
  • Board certified after 1990 (before 2014)
    You will continue to be certified until your current certification expires. To be reported as "Certified, Participating in MOC," you will need to enroll in the ABIM MOC program and complete at least one ABIM-approved activity every 2 years. Every 5 years, a total of 100 MOC points must be earned. Once your current certification expires, you will only be eligible to renew your certification if you are enrolled in MOC and "Participating in MOC".
  • Newly certified (2014 and after)
    Your certification is contingent upon whether you are meeting MOC requirements at the two, five and 10 year milestones. You must participate in continuous MOC activity to remain certified. 

Important Deadlines and Timelines

"Participating in MOC" means that a physician is engaged in ABIM-approved self-assessment activities on an ongoing basis. Specifically, the MOC program requirements now include two-and five-year milestones as well as passing a comprehensive MOC exam every 10 years. To continue to be "Participating in MOC," all ABIM Board Certified physicians will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Every two years, complete at least one ABIM-approved MOC activity to earn points.
  • By December 31, 2018 and every five years thereafter, earn 100 points. The points earned every two years will count toward the five-year requirement, and also count toward the milestones for the certifications you are maintaining.
  • Pass a comprehensive ABIM MOC recertification exam every 10 years.