Disparities in Cancer Care

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There is a need for all care providers to demonstrate behaviors that support cultural competence in order to improve patient outcomes. Cultural competence among cancer caregivers is great, as patients are treated in diverse care settings. The programs offered are designed to increase awareness of an array of disparities:  racial/ethnic/cultural, socioeconomic/education, access to care, age, obesity, workforce, gender and sexual orientation. The programs will also provide information and resources to health care professionals aimed to support efforts to reduce barriers that create disparities in care. They will also promote the proactive address by cancer health care professionals to improve communication and interaction between care givers and patients in order to improve cancer care in disparate populations.  The American Society of Clinical Oncology and the LIVESTRONG Foundation worked with a multidisciplinary planning group of 11 other organizations to develop interdisciplinary eLearning activities. This program is funded through the Conquer Cancer Foundation by a grant from the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

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As the courses are designed to target a broad audience, the courses are accredited by three different providers – American Society of Clinical Oncology, Oncology Nursing Society and the American Pharmacists Association the type of credit available is CME, CNE and Pharmacy Education. Certificates of Participation and Completion are also available for documentation.  Additional information about all Certificate types is available in each course.