Advanced Practitioner Certificate Programs FAQ

Advanced Practitioner Certificate Programs FAQ

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How was this content developed?

ASCO University, APSHO, APAO, HOPA, and Meniscus Educational Institute partnered together to form a working group designed to meet the needs of advanced practitioners. Select existing ASCO University courses were updated to include in these Certificate Programs, while a large number were developed specifically to help address the needs of this program. Oversight of ASCO University is provided by the ASCO University Editorial Board

What is included in a typical course?

The courses consist of interactive slide-based presentations, broken down into 15 minute segments, with audio commentary from experts in the field. Additional resources include: a comprehensive and hyperlinked bibliography for further study, select Virtual Meeting presentations from ASCO meetings, patient resources, and self-assessment questions.

Do I have to complete courses in one sitting?

No, courses are self-paced. You may close out of a course at any time and your place will be saved for the next time you log in.

Can I retake the self-assessments?

Yes, you may retake the self-assessments as many times as needed to pass the exam. Once a passing score of 70% is achieved, your score will be locked, however, you can retake the exam at any point for your review.

What credit and certificate types are available?

Credits and certificates are available for physicians (CME), nurses (CNE), and pharmacists (CPE). Certificates of Participation are made available for nonphysicians to apply their participation toward re-licensure, however all final decisions regarding the awarding of credits will be made by the licensing organization to which the credits are submitted. Additionally, a Certificate of Completion is available to all participants, but does not award any credit and does not note any specific amount of participation for the activity.

How much credit is offered for each Certificate Program?

The amount of credit is awarded on a case-by-case basis for each course in each Program, depending on the length of time estimated for completion of the course. Courses currently range from 1-10 credits each.

When do I need to register by?

Registrations are processed on a rolling basis. If you register for a single Certificate Program and later find that you would like to register for an additional one, you may do so at any time by completing another registration form and submitting payment.

How long do I have to complete the courses within each Certificate Program?

Each course has an expiration date for credit that is 3 years out from its release date which varies. The courses within these Certificate Programs are reviewed routinely for updates, prior to their expiration dates to determine if credit should be extended.

Once you enter a course you will see the expiration date displayed at the top of the page. You will still have access to the course after this date, but credit cannot be obtained.

Do I have to complete the courses within each Certificate Program in any particular order?

No, you have the freedom to complete your available courses in any order you choose. 

Do I need to take Basics 101 before I can take Basics 102 or Advanced 201?

No, you can take the Certificate Programs in any order you choose. You can start at whichever level best fits your learning needs.

Can I register for more than one Certificate Program at a time?

Yes, if you would like to register for multiple Certificate Programs simply indicate this on your registration form. 

Are there discounts available?

Yes, members of ASCO, APSHO, APAO, and HOPA receive a 20% discount on all Certificate Programs. Bulk orders of 8 or more individuals receive a 20% discount regardless of membership. For the bulk orders, all 8 individuals do not need to register for the same Certificate Programs.