VSP Inhibitors

Cancer patients have often been excluded from studies of CVD and patients with significant CVD have been excluded from studies of new cancer therapies. Consequently, the ability to determine the incidence or prevalence of cardiovascular toxic effects of anticancer agents and their optimal management has been limited. This multidisciplinary module presents a case study of a patient with hypertension that is now treated for breast cancer with a VSP inhibitor.

Learning Objectives:

  • Anticipate and recognize cardiovascular (CV) complications that may arise in cancer patients being treated with VEGF signaling pathway (VSP) inhibitors.
  • Describe and incorporate optimal monitoring techniques to ensure patient safety.
  • Detail preferred treatment strategies for CV conditions and apply them when appropriate.
  • Consider the data that are known and outline needs for future clinical research in regard to the CV toxicities associated with VSP inhibitor regimens.

ACGME Competency Addressed: Medical Knowledge

This activity is co-sponsored by the American College of Cardiology Foundation.

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