Oncology Training Programs

Oncology Training Programs

ASCO is committed to providing support for Oncology Training Programs.  Below, a number of programs and resources can be found.  If you have a suggestion for additions to the items included, please let us know!  Contact university@asco.org and share your thoughts!

Oncology Fellows

Below are key courses and resources for Fellows.  More detailed information is available by clicking on the links below.


Training Program Directors

A number of programs and resources are available to Oncology Training Program Directors.  More detailed information is available by clicking on the links below.

The following eLearning activities are available for the development of Program faculty:  Developing a Medical Educator Portfolio, and Writing Good Test Questions. Courses include a self-assessment to demonstrate proficiency.

Education Essentials for Oncology Fellows (EEOF)

ASCO’s Education Essentials for Oncology Fellows (EEOF) is specifically designed for use in U.S. and International Oncology Training Programs.  Two content package options are available – Basic and Premium level.  Both packages include access to ASCO University content, including courses and Virtual Meeting.  The Premium package also includes ASCO-SEP and the Oncology Training Program Slide Bank.

For more information, click here.

2015 Fellows Recommended Curriculum

This 3-year curriculum provides Fellows with a roadmap for use of ASCO University eLearning resources. Newly updated for 2015, the Recommended Curriculum was developed in collaboration with Oncology Training Program Directors to ensure selection of the most relevant resources for each fellowship year.

Recommended Curriculum Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 (PDF)


ASCO-SEP is a comprehensive oncology resource.  Over 20 chapters cover all major areas in oncology, including tumor-focused content as well as topics such as Cancer Prevention, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, Symptom Management, and Palliative and End-of-Life Care.  Each chapter also includes referenced self-assessment questions that provide answer rationales.  The book is available in print and eBook format.  In addition to the book, companion products include the Online Question Bank and a course on the ASCO Flashcards app.  The Question Bank includes all questions from the book, plus 100 bonus questions.  The ASCO-SEP Flashcards course provides a quick interactive way to review Key Highlights from the book chapters.  For more information about these products, visit the ASCO-SEP page.

Oncology Training Program Slide Bank

This new resource is available to those enrolled in the Premium Package of the Education Essentials for Oncology Fellows (EEOF) Program.  The Slide Bank provides a repository of presentations from ASCO University, as well as those uploaded by Training Program Directors. Program Directors (PDs) are encouraged to upload lecture slides and share them with other PDs and Fellows.   In addition to upload capability, Program Directors have the ability to download content, whereas Fellows access is restricted to download only.  To browse content and visit the site, go to Oncology Training Program Slide Bank.