Myeloproliferative Neoplasms: Molecular Oncology Tumor Boards

This free case-based activity includes a crowd-sourced discussion of a 61-year-old male who presented with significant thrombocytosis on evaluation of a transient ischemic attack. Presenting with right sided sensory and motor deficits. History is positive for 6 months of fatigue, frequent migraines with complex auras, occasional aquagenic pruritus.

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Learning Objectives

  1.     Analyze how currently identified MPN mutations (both driver and additional somatic mutations) impact an accurate diagnosis of MPNs in alignment with 2016 WHO guidelines.
  2.     Evaluate how currently identified MPN mutations (both their presence and/or allele burden) impact on prognosis in each of the MPNs.
  3.     Identify clinical scenarios where current molecular mutation status may impact MPN clinical decision planning in either observation, medical therapy, or stem cell transplantation.

Competencies Addressed

Medical Knowledge (ACGME, AAPA)

Health Promotion, Health Protection, Disease Prevention, and Treatment (ONS)