Myeloma: ASCO Tumor Boards

This is free case-based activity that includes discussion of a 44 year old woman found to have an elevated total protein on routine blood work and, blood marrow aspiration and biopsy shows 15% plasma cells.  FISH shows a t(14; 14) translocation.  Skeletal survey does not show any lytic lesions.  Along with the patient case, there is a discussion board on ASCO Connection, where users can post comments/questions to each other and to the faculty. At the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Define the risk factors for progression of smoldering multiple myeloma, and when treatment should be initiated
  • Apply the management of multiple myeloma-induced acute renal failure
  • Apply a cytogenetic risk-adapted approach to the management of multiple myeloma
  • Consider  the data regarding consolidation and maintenance to individualize therapy in multiple myeloma