Mobile Learning

ASCO University is proud to offer several new ways to learn when you are not able to reach a traditional personal computer. Using mobile technologies, such as smartphones and tablets, you can enjoy and learn from ASCO University content while away from the office and at your convenience.

Daily Medical Education

This series from ASCO University pushes two daily self-assessment questions to a subscriber’s email account. Using a smartphone, tablet, or even traditional PC if desired, users can then quickly fill a moment during their day with oncology learning.

Once an answer is selected, each user then gets immediate feedback—seeing what the correct answer is, the related rational and readings, as well as how others responded to that same question.

ASCO University on iTunes U

Would you like to learn more about oncology topics related to the adolescent and young adult (AYA) population? Would you like to listen to podcasts about the most recent ASCO Educational Book? ASCO University on iTunes U offers a wide selection of all of the above material in the form of podcasts and vodcasts, as well as many more resources.

Access this free and mobile-friendly content by clicking here.