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Cardiac Complications of Cancer Therapy An overview of cardiac toxicities associated with cancer treatment ... Go to course Purchase
Cervical Cancer: ASCO Tumor Boards A case-based activity on cervical cancer ... Go to course
Chemotherapy Administration and Pharmacology A three-part activity overviewing classes of cytotoxic therapy and chemotherapy administration. ... Go to course Purchase
Chemotherapy Related Nausea and Vomiting This case-based course focuses on chemotherapy related nausea and vomiting and is based on the Antiemetics: American Society of Clinical Oncology ... Go to course Purchase
Chemotherapy Safety Standards This course highlights the recommendations in the “ASCO -ONS Standards for Safe Chemothera... Go to course Purchase
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: ASCO Tumor Boards A case-based activity on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. ... Go to course
Clinical Pharmacology Review (Update) Assess your knowledge related to recent advances in clinical pharmacology with this 25-question multiple choice self-assessment. ... Go to course Purchase
Clinical Trials for Adolescents and Young Adults 2014 updated information highlighting the acute need for AYA trials. ... Go to course
CNS Tumors Review This review course will help oncology professionals assess their knowledge related to central nervous system tumors. ... Go to course Purchase
Common Anti-cancer Therapies Anti-cancer therapies associated with breast, prostate, colon and lung cancers. ... Go to course Purchase