Communicating Prognosis (2014 Update)

PLEASE NOTE:  This course’s credit has expired but the content is still available for educational reference.

A new Communicating Prognosis course will be coming soon. It presents an updated overview of skills related to communicating prognostic information as well as three patient case studies.

Previous enrollees of the Advanced Practitioner 102 Certificate Program receive automatic enrollment in the updated course.
Course Description:

Learning to effectively discuss prognoses takes training and practice. This free course was designed to demonstrate how to discuss prognosis with patients at various stages in their illnesses. Three case studies on the following topics are presented by expert faculty:

Case 1: Challenges in a patient’s understanding of prognosis
Case 2: Discussion of prognosis for progressive disease and transition to palliative care hospice
Case 3: Discussion of treatment and efficacy of newly-diagnosed pancreatic cancer

Target Audience:

The target audience for this module is Medical Oncologist, Oncology Fellows and other healthcare workers in oncology practice.

Learning Objectives:

- Identify the communication challenges of effectively discussing prognosis;
- Enhance understanding of the goals and core communication skills in discussing prognosis;
- Identify and employ best practice approaches and tools to enhance patient understanding of prognosis.

ACGME Competency Addressed:

-Medical Knowledge
-Practice-based Learning & Improvement
-Interpersonal & Communication Skills