ASCO-SEP Third Edition

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The Fourth Edition of ASCO-SEP is available HERE.

ASCO-SEP is a comprehensive oncology learning resource that can be used for self-study. The 3rd Edition printed text is now accompanied by an eBook version which contains all of the content in the 22 Chapters of the text. Additional products based on the 3rd Edition are also available. These include the Online Question Bank and an ASCO-SEP Course in the new ASCO Flashcards app. Click on the icons below for more information about each of these products. Once you have purchased the book, you may complete the evaluation form and claim CME credit by clicking on the icon for ASCO-SEP CME Assessment.

NOTE: regarding ASCO-SEP 2nd Edition, the print format, as well as the Online Question Bank, are no longer available for purchase. Those that previously purchased the Online Question Bank will continue to have access to this product. Sign in for the Question Bank is located here >>.

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