ASCO’s Curricula for Advanced Practice Providers (ACAPP™)

ASCO’s Curricula for Advanced Practice Providers (ACAPP) provide educational resources to support lifelong learning in oncology.  Two curricular packages are available:  The General Curriculum and 5 different Tumor-focused Curricula.  The General Curriculum is designed for those new to an oncology practice.  A premium option, which includes ASCO-SEP, is available with the General Curriculum.  The ASCO-SEP eBook includes chapters on all major tumor areas and other key areas such as Symptom Management, Geriatric Oncology, Pharmacology, etc.  Self-assessment questions area also available with each chapter.  ASCO-SEP is a comprehensive resource that provides important background information for those seeking to orient themselves to oncology practice.  

Packages in the Tumor-Focused Curricula are available in the following areas:  Breast Cancer, GI Cancers, GU Cancers, Lung Cancer, and Hematologic Malignancies.  These Curricula are designed for Practitioners that have a little more experience in oncology.  They provide an excellent source of lifelong learning for those that have at least 1 or more years of experience in oncology.

All packages in the General Curriculum and in the Tumor-Focused Curricula include a post-assessment course.  This course allows participants to assess knowledge gained after completion of all courses in the relevant package.  A list of courses within each Package, along with information regarding Course Certificates is provided in the ACAPP Details section on the right of this page.

Packages within the ACAPP may be purchased by individual Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, or by an Oncology Practice for advanced practice providers (APPs) employed in the practice.  Information about pricing and forms for registration are located on the left side of this page.

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